December 17, 2012

Review: Thirsties Dou Wrap Snap

I have always wanted to use cloth diaper on both of my children because I belive that it is good for the baby (no diaper rash), it saves money, and good for the environment (just imagine those landfills full of diapers that take years and years to break down).

My attempt in doing so, with Skye, was a failure due to a couple of reasons. First, there was not enough motivation at that time. I had a job and was able to afford buying disposable diapers. Second, the cloth diapers together with the stuffers, which cost me close to $200, I bought didn't meet my expectation. They didn't fit my newborn baby nicely. They were too bulky. The design was not right at all. After just a week, I stopped using cloth diapers altogether.

If I had kept a record of my expenses on disposable diapers from when Skye was only a week old until the day she was fully potty-trained, the total cost must have been pretty high. I'm not even going to try to guesstimate.

So when I was pregnant with Ryne, I really committed myself to using cloth diapers. When she was a week old, we switched from using disposable to cloth diapers. I have been using the OsoCozy birdseye flat unbleached diapers by itself. The problem with this is that when the cloth diaper gets wet, Ryne's clothes get wet as well since there is not waterproof cover over her cloth diaper. I had to change her diaper and her clothes at the same time.

It was a lot of work. In fact I relapsed into using disposable diapers again for about 3 weeks. Who can refuse the convienience? Actually, there is one solution to my dilemma - find the best waterproof cloth diaper in the market. So I did my research. I have probably spent a whole day reading reviews of all the cloth diaper covers sold on Amazon.

Based on the reviews, I went with Thirsties Dou Wrap Snap. I ordered 2 Size 1 (fits 6-18 lbs) covers in colors white and hoot.

I was very thrilled when I got these and put tried them on my 4-month old right away. I simply folded my flat Osocozy cloth diaper and laid inside the cover like so.

My daughter is about 13 pounds and this cover fits perfectly.

I'm very impressed with this covers that I ordered 3 more in colors mud, scottish rose, and blackbird. Still in Size 1 (fits 6-18 lbs).

This cover is true to size. Now, some of you may be wondering if this will really fit your baby up to when they're 18 pounds. Yes it will! Currently, I'm using the cover with 2 extra snaps still available on both sides on my 13-pound baby. So these covers will definitely accommodate her growth. I even have a feeling that these will still fit even on a 20-pound baby.

Let me just remind you though, like disposables, these covers are not leak-proof to poop. Especially when your baby has one of those explosive poop which happens quite often. I've done a pretty good job in making sure the linings don't stain, when the poop leaks, by running the covers in hot water. You can also soak them in a hot soapy water if you don't intend to hand wash or put them in the machine right away.

I also found that Origami fold fastened with a Snappi, compared to other fold styles, works way better in containing those explosive poops.

There are different ways of folding a cloth diaper but Origami is my favorite. I usually use two flat cloth for better absorption. Using the covers is pretty easy. Those snaps are very durable!

I just love those chubby little legs!

I'm always rewarded with a beautiful smile after each diaper change! So I don't mind changing my little one's diaper often. Happy baby, happy mommy!

I hope this review has been helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Are you a cloth-diapering mommy like me? How's your experience?

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