August 14, 2012

Krankenhaus, Day Two

I firmly believe that patients, or guardians of patients who are minors and those who are mentally incapable, should be given the freedom to choose the kind of medical treatment they prefer. It is, in my opinion, downright  wrong to ignore a patient's wish or request. I also believe that patients should be treated with utmost respect at all times. Medical practitioners must listen to what their patients are saying. After all no one knows a patient's body as well as the patient himself/herself. They must also have abundance of patience, otherwise they shouldn't have any business working with sick people.

The reason why I tackled this subject is because I felt that my right as a patient has just been violated. The current (night shift) on-duty doctor who stuck (I used this word for lack of knowledge of the medical term) me with a needle for an IV was the most uncaring doctor I've ever had. I already explained to her that my two previous IVs were removed per my request because the area around have swelled.  The first one which was on my left arm got it worse because the nurse who gave me my third dose of antibiotics kept saying "it's normal" when I repeatedly complained of the intense pain seconds after the medicine started flowing through the IV. So when I felt the same pain on my right arm on the sixth dose, I requested immediate removal of the IV. I also explained that I prefer to take the antibiotics orally in a tablet or capsule form. She told me that it was my doctor, who also happened to be the chief doctor of the gynecology department, that prescribed antibiotics via IV. I knew I was losing the battle so I resorted to crying.

She made a mistake when she pierced me the first time. The needle  didn't go through all the way in my vein. The second time she chose the vein located right at the part where the arm folds (again, I do not know the name). She didn't listen to my protests and my concern about the difficulty of taking care and especially during breast feeding of my baby. Her lack of concern and obvious indifference towards me  have  contributed to my trauma. As soon as the medicine was gone, I called the nurse and insisted on the removal of my IV. When the doctor came back, she was very displeased and told me how there is just one nurse and one doctor in the department and how my behavior is not normal. At least that was my interpretation of her broken English. She was mad. Her facial expression and her actions spoke volume of how mad she was. 

The first thing I will do in the morning is to speak with my doctor about this whole "type of medication" issue. I will stand my ground of no more IVs for the rest of my stay here at the hospital. For now I have to get some sleep.  My head is throbbing with pain from the crying and stress I went through. 

Good night from Germany.


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